What is the value of the angular momentum quantum number associated with 6p?​

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What is the value of the angular momentum quantum number associated with 6p?​



  • The value of the angular momentum quantum number associated with 6p is 1 .


Electrons in an atom are described by four quantum numbers. Two electrons in an atom cannot have the same set of quantum numbers.

The four quantum numbers are:

  • Principal quantum number. It tells the main energy level of the electron, which is the period (row) in the periodic table. This number, identified with the letter n,  can be any positive integer: n = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, …
  • Angular momentum quantum number, also known as secondary or azimuthal quantum number. This number identified with the letter ℓ, can take any integer value from 0 to n – 1: ℓ = 0, 1, 2, … n-1.

The angular momentum quantum number tells the shape of the orbital and is also identified with a letter, as per this table:

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           ℓ          letter

           0            s

           1             p

           2            d

           3            f

  • The third quantum number is called magnetic quantum number. It is represented by mℓ and it tells the orientation in the space. It can take integer values from +ℓ to – ℓ, including 0.
  • The fourth quantum number is the spin. It can be either +1/2 or – 1/2.

As for the value of the angular momentum quantum number associated with 6p, you must know that the letter p is telling the shape of the orbital and, from the previous table, you know that the orbitals p are associated with ℓ = 1.

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