Elena is selling tickets to a school play. She sells the tickets for $15 each. Her goal is to raise

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Elena is selling tickets to a school play. She sells the tickets for $15 each. Her goal is to raisemore than $180 selling the tickets. She wants to know how many tickets she can sell to meet
her goal.
Let t be the number of tickets Elena sells. Which inequality represents the situation?
A:15+t> 180
B:15+t>180 or equal to
C:15t > 180
D:15t > 180 or equal to
The ones I put( or equal to) I’m referring to the sign please respond ASAP


Since her goal is to raise more than $180 selling tickets, the inequality that describes the situation is C:15t > 180

Given Data

Number of tickets she sells be = t

Cost per Tickets = $15

We know that the total sales expected is more than $180

hence the expression

15*t > 180

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