Which of the following statements is an inference about The Odyssey?

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Which of the following statements is an inference about The Odyssey?A. The other epic attributed to Homer is The lliad, in which Odysseus is also a character.
B. Odysseus’s behavior demonstrates positive cultural values of ancient Greece.
C. The Odysseys was composed by Homer around 750 BCE.
D. Odysseus waited inside the Cyclops’s cave so that he could demand a gift from the creature.


The statement that makes an inference about The Odyssey is “Odysseus’s behavior demonstrates positive cultural values of ancient Greece.”

“The Odyssey” was an epic narrative written by Homer about Odysseus and his journey back home. The narrative follows the hero and his men along their way back home to Ithaca and their encounters with numerous and different obstacles, including gods and other supernatural elements.

  • An inference is when we assume or make conclusions based on what we’ve heard or read. This means that whatever thoughts we have about something after knowing it or reading it, in this case, is known as inference.
  • And while reading Homer’s epic, we can infer that the character of Odysseus shows the cultural values that society in ancient Greece follows or practices.
  • Some of these values include ‘reverence for elders and the gods, leadership qualities, obedience, the need to right the wrongs that were done, etc.
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Making an inference is to make or base conclusions from what’s been read or known. And so, looking at Odysseus’s character/behavior shows the positive cultural values of ancient Greece. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

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