Classify the following triangle. Check all that apply.

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Classify the following triangle. Check all that apply.70
A. Obtuse
B. Isosceles
C. Scalene
D. Equilateral
E. Right
F. Acute


We are to check the options and choose which applies to the triangle

The options which applies is option C, Scalene and option For, Acute

Obtuse: It is not an obtuse angle because none of the angles are greater than 90°

Isosceles: It is not an isosceles triangle because it has no two equal sides

Scalene: It is a scalene triangle because all the sides are not equal sides

Equilateral: It is not an equilateral triangle because all the sides are not equal

Right: It is not a right angle because none of the angles form a straight line equivalent to 90°

Acute: It is an acute angle because the angles measures less than 90°

The correct answer is Scalene and acute

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