1. Spray bottles used to store and dispense degreaser taken from bulk containers

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1. Spray bottles used to store and dispense degreaser taken from bulk containersmust be labeled with the
O common name of the substance.
O manufacturer’s trademark name.
O scientific term known to food handlers.
O safety data sheets supplied by the manufacturer.


Spray bottles used to store and dispense degreaser taken from bulk containers  must be labeled with the  common name of the substance.

Despite the importance of chemicals such as sanitizers, cleaning agents etc in keeping the home safe, they can be dangerous when not properly used and kept safe.

Spray bottles that are used in storing and dispensing degreaser taken from the bulk containers must be labeled with the common name of the substance. This is vital in the prevention of chemical hazards. Chemicals should be stored properly and kept away from food.

In conclusion, the correct option is “common name of the substance”.

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