Which function is shown in the graph below?

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Which function is shown in the graph below?


We want to know which function is shown in the graph below. We will see that the function is f(x) = 0.559*ln(x)

So is easy to know that the function is a logarithmic function, so it is something like:

f(x) = A*ln(x) + c

Such that:

  • f(1) = 0
  • f(6) = 1

Then we can write:

  • A*ln(1) + c = 0
  • A*ln(6) + c = 1

So we have a system of equations

We can rewrite the first one as:

c = -A*ln(1) = 0

Replacing that in the other equation we get:

A*ln(6) – 0 = 1

So we have:

A*ln(6) = 1

A*1.79 = 1

A = 1/1.79 = 0.559

Then the function is:

f(x) = 0.559*ln(x)

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