Which of these is not considered a Potentially Hazardous Food?

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Exam Attempt: 28. Which of these is not considered a Potentially Hazardous Food?
O A. Cooked Vegetables (e.g. tofu, melons or sprouts)
OB. Packaged foods (e.g. muffins, cookies, or candies)
OC. Animal products (e.g. meats, fish, poultry)
OD. Cooked Starches (e.g. cooked rice, pasta or potatoes)
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The correct answer will be option-B


The potentially hazardous foods are the food and food products which contain all the intrinsic factors to support the growth of pathogens.

In the given question, the packaged foods are not considered potentially hazardous foods as they are packaged so are protected from the microbes.

The other foodstuff, even the boiled food products are hazardous as they provide the necessary conditions required by the microbes to grow like moisture and are in direct contact with the environment.

Thus, Option-B is the correct answer.

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