Which expression is equivalent to the following complex fraction? -2/x+5/y/3/y-2/x

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Which expression is equivalent to the following complex fraction? -2/x+5/y/3/y-2/x


The way how the question entered here, I have to make few assumptions to answer. Hoping that one of the below assumption is your actual problem.

Assumption 1: If your complex fraction is given as below

Then we need to write as a single fraction by rewriting x as a fraction , then multiplying y on both top and bottom of that fraction to get .

We can rewrite as which will be equal to .

In the same way

When dividing fractions we need to flip the bottom and multiply with top:


In the same way,

Applying the same logic of flipping the fraction and multiplying with the top, we get the below final expression.


Assumption 2: If your complex fraction is given as below

The LCD of both the top part and bottom part is ‘xy’, we can multiply that in both top and bottom part to simplify the given complex fraction as below:

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Cancelling the common factors in both top and bottom of each fraction we will get the below simplified fraction

They possibly will hopefully guide the student handle the question by make use of the questions and answer examples. Then may carry out some sharing in a group discussion and also learning with the classmate somewhere around the topic, so another student also own some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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