The plate tectonic theory can best be described as _____

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The plate tectonic theory can best be described as _____.

A. earth’s natural process by which its lithospheric plates slowly move about because of movement in the asthenosphere
B. a process by which the asthenosphere is heated and creates convection cells
C. a dynamic process of the earth’s interior by which the inner core produces a magnetic field
D. an idea that the continents used to resemble a supercontinent, Pangaea, but have now drifted apart



The correct answer is A. The Plate Tectonic Theory can best be described as the Earth’s natural process by which its lithospheric plates slowly move about because of movement in the asthenosphere.


Plate tectonics is a theory that explains the way in which the lithosphere is structured (the coldest and most rigid outer portion of the Earth). The theory gives an explanation to the tectonic plates that are part of the surface of the Earth and to the landslides that are observed between them in their movement on the fluid terrestrial mantle, their directions and interactions. It also explains the formation of mountain ranges. It also gives a satisfactory explanation to the fact that earthquakes and volcanoes are concentrated in specific regions of the planet (such as the Pacific Ring of Fire) or the location of large submarine pits next to islands and continents and not in the center of the ocean.

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