Which compound is least soluble in water at 60.°C? (1) KClO3 (3) NaCl (2) KNO3 (4) NH4Cl

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Which compound is least soluble in water at 60.°C?
(1) KClO3 (3) NaCl
(2) KNO3 (4) NH4Cl


KClO3 is the least soluble compound in water at a temperature of 60 degree centigrade. The correct option in regards to the given question is option “1”. For determining the solubility of a substance at 60 degree centigrade it is important to know the  table that shows the solubility of different substances at 60 degree centigrade.The solubility of the substances provided in the question can be noted down as
KClO3 = 23.8
KNO3 = 103.4
NaCl = 37.04
NH4Cl = 55.3
Seeing the above records we can easily say that the solubility of KClO3 is the lowest at 60 degree centigrade.

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