Which part of a formal e-mail is optional?

Students were asked to answer a question at institution and to say what is most important for them to succeed. The one which response stood out from the rest was practice. Persons who definitely successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and persistence their lives to succeeding. If you want to complete your goals, keep this in mind! as follows some question and answer examples that you will be able to utilize to expand your knowledge and gain insight that will assist you to preserve your school studies.


Which part of a formal e-mail is optional?

the closing
the contact information
the person’s last name
the salutation


Contact information will always be optional when you are writing to someone. It is an element of trust that is sometimes unneeded. Of course, if it is a business letter and they need to get in touch with you, that does change the purpose. But as this is a formal letter not a business letter, it is not an obligation to give an address.

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