A state’s taxes are determined by

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A state’s taxes are determined by

its governor and the US government.
its legislature and comptroller.
its governor and voters.
its legislature and voters.


A state income tax is a direct tax imposed on your earnings by the state. What you make in or from the state is your income. It could mean all of your money earned anywhere in your state of residence.

State income tax, like federal income tax, is selfassessed, meaning people must file needed state tax returns.

So, option A is the correct option.

The other Options are incorrect as:

  • Option B is incorrect as, In the United States, a comptroller is a high-ranking executive who controls an organization’s accounting and financial reporting systems. All accounting, including accounts receivable, payroll, and loan transactions, is overseen by the comptroller.
  • Option C is incorrect as voters are the ones to decide who is the next prime minister, not the one who determines taxes.
  • Option D is incorrect as voters are the ones to decide who is the next prime minister, not the one who determines taxes.
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Thus Option A is the correct Option for states taxes to be determined.

For more information about states taxes refer to the link:

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