If ABC DEC, what is the value of x?

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If ABC DEC, what is the value of x?

x = 8
x = 5
x = 4
x = 1
x = 2



Option D. x = 1

Step-by-step explanation:

If the two triangles Δ ABC and ΔDEC are similar then there corresponding sides will be in the same ratio.

Now using this theorem in these triangles

Now it has been given

AB = (4x – 1)

BC = 4

EC = 4

DE = x + 2

By putting these values in the formula

We cross multiply on both the sides

(4x – 1) = (x + 2)

4x – x = 1 + 2

3x = 3

x = 1

Option D. x = 1 is the answer.

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