All of the following indicate a possible pest infestation EXCEPT:

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All of the following indicate a possible pest infestation EXCEPT:

Dust underneath a storage shelf
Shredded paper towels in a corner of the dry storage area
Egg casings behind the refrigerator
Gnaw marks on a trash can


Statement that doesn’t gives indication of pest infestation as regards this question is A: Dust underneath a storage shelf.

  • Pest infestation can be regarded as the  presence of an unusually large number of insects in place They usually cause  damage or disease and it  is a result improper management of a place in an healthy way.
  • Some of the activities that can cause this at home are Egg casings behind the refrigerator which can invite pest.
  • Another one is Gnaw marks on a trash can.

Therefore, option A is correct.

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