Which of these might be detected during a breast self-examination?

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Which of these might be detected during a breast self-examination?

A. Aching in the lower abdomen
B. Inflammation of the glans
C. Endometriosis
D. Lumps and other changes



The correct answer is option D, that is, lumps and other changes.


A breast self-examination for breast awareness refers to an inspection of the breasts that one perform on their own. It is performed by using the eyes and hands to find if there are any modifications observed in the feel and look of the breasts. If one notices any breast modifications, then she should consult it with the doctor.  

While doing breast self-examination the following things can be observed:  

1. Dimples, bulges, puckers, or ridges on the skin of the breast.  

2. A knot or a hard lump close to the underarm.  

3. Changes in the manner the breasts feel or appear, comprising prominent fullness or thickness, which is distinct from the surrounding tissue.  

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4. Redness, swelling, or pain and itching, scales, sores, or rashes.  

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