What is the value of x? 12 units 15 units 20 units 24 units

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What is the value of x?
12 units
15 units
20 units
24 units



The value of x is 15 units.

Step-by-step explanation:

In the given triangle RSQ and ΔRST it is given that

∠RTS ≅ ∠SRQ ≅ 90°

∠RSQ is common in two triangles Δ RSQ and Δ RST.

Therefore two angles are equal so both the triangles are common.

From this property we opposite sides of the corresponding angles will be in the same ratio.


x/(9 + 16) = 9/x

By cross multiplication on each side of the equation

x² = 25×9 = 225

x = √225 = 15

Therefore measurement of x is 15 units.

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