Which best describes the speaker in this poem?

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Which best describes the speaker in this poem?

a manager who designs and carries out war plans
O an officer who teaches soldiers how to win wars
O an activist who persuades politicians to end a war
a motivator who encourages readers to fight oppression


The one that most likely narrates the speaker in the given poem would be:

D). A motivator who encourages readers to fight oppression.

  • In the given excerpt from the poem titled “If We Must Die” authored by Claude McKay, the speaker would be characterized as a motivator.
  • He is a motivator as he aims to inspire and motivate the readers to battle against all the tyranny and subjection.
  • This is reflected through his powerful words like “let it not be like hogs…nobly die…precious blood…be brave…one death-blow…fighting back,” etc.

Thus, option D is the correct answer.

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