Which number produces an irrational number when added to 0.5

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Which number produces an irrational number when added to 0.5

a. 0.555…
b. square root of 3
c 1/3
d. square root of 16


Answer: Option (b) is the correct answer.

Step-by-step explanation:

A number which cannot be expressed in the form of is known as irrational number. An irrational number are non-terminating and non-repeating numbers.

For example, 0.5, square root of 2 etc are irrational numbers.

Sum of a rational number and irrational number always produces an irrational number. Therefore, 0.5 which can also be written as when added to square root of 3 will produce an irrational number.

Whereas 0.555… is non-terminating and repeating. Hence, it is not an irrational number.

Similarly, and square root of 16 are rational numbers.

Thus, we can conclude that out of the given options, square root of 3 produces an irrational number when added to 0.5.

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