A food worker wearing artificial fingernails is preparing salads for a lunch rush.

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A food worker wearing artificial fingernails is preparing salads for a lunch rush.

What should she do to prevent herself from contaminating the salad?
O a. Wash her hands twice as often
O b. Wear gloves when preparing the salad
O c. Remove any fingernail that falls into a salad
O d. Apply a hand antiseptic between preparing each salad


When preparing salads for a lunch rush, a food worker wearing artificial fingernails can prevent food contamination by wearing gloves while preparing the salad.

Food contamination occurs when there is no attempt is made to ensure the safety of the food prepared. In other words, food contamination happens because of an unhygienic preparation process or carelessness on the part of the one preparing it.

  • Artificial fingernails are used for beautification purposes. These fake nails make the nails look pretty, longer, or however, the person wants it. But at the same time, they are detachable and can be hazardous if consumed.
  • A worker who wears such fake nails must ensure that the nails don’t fall off while preparing food, especially for customers.
  • Sanitary practices while preparing food, be it at home or even in restaurants is a big factor for the safety of both the consumers and the suppliers.
  • So, a food worker wearing artificial fingernails must wear gloves while preparing the food for customers, not only for sanitary issues but also to prevent any unwanted results (like if the fake nails fall off into the salad which can lead to complaints from the customer).
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Maintaining hygiene in the food preparation process is an important part of making sure the food is safe for consumption. So, even if a worker is wearing fake nails, she must ensure that she wear gloves while preparing food for customers. Thus, the correct answer is option b.

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