The excerpt most reflects which Enlightenment idea?

Students were asked to answer a question at institution and to mention what is most important for them to succeed. One which response stood out from the rest was practice. People who absolutely successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and persistence their lives to succeeding. This is how you can complete your goals. the following some question and answer examples that you could possibly utilise to develop your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to preserve your school studies.


The excerpt most reflects which Enlightenment idea?

A. Separation of powers.
B. Social contract.
C. Direct democracy.
D. Republicanism.


The correct answer to this question is best described in alternative A)”Separation of powers.”

Enlightenment was a period of curiosity, philosophical movements and knowledge. It was also called the Age of Reason.

The alternative that most relates to this period is A, for they believed that the powers of Church and State should be separated, and for this reason, A is the best choice.

They might possibly hopefully guide the student answer the question by obtaining the questions and answer examples. You could simply then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the subject jointly.

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