A storage bin in the corner of Joe’s room has the dimensions shown below. What is the volume of the bin?

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Name the marked angle in 2 different ways.


The Volume of the bin is 36 cubic feet.

What is a cube?

‘A cube is a three-dimensional figure composed of square-shaped faces of the same size. All the angles of a cube meet at 90°. A cube has 6 equal faces, and all the faces are square-shaped. It has 8 vertices and 12 equal edges.’

According to the given problem,

There are two cubes, as shown in the figure,

For first cube,

Length = 3 feet

Width = 2 feet

Height = 2 feet

For the second cube,

Length = ( 4 + 2 ) feet = 6 feet

Volume of a cube = length × width × height

Volume of two cubes as shown in the diagram  = ( 3 × 2 × 2 ) + ( 6 × 2 × 2 )

                                                                               =  36 square feet

Hence, we can conclude that the volume of the bin is 36 square feet.

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