Which of these processes has a cooling effect on Earth?

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Which of these processes has a cooling effect on Earth?

A. Burning fossil fuels increases the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
B. As snow and ice melt, the underlying surfaces absorb heat from solar radiation.
C. When permafrost melts, methane is released into the atmosphere.
D. Evaporation of water due to warmer temperatures causes low, thick clouds to form.


Evaporation is the process in which water vapor moves high in the environment and becomes cool back down.  Evaporation of water due to warmer temperatures aids in cooling Earth.

What is evaporation?

The process of conversion of liquid into vapors is called evaporation. It is done with the help of Sun’s heat, which helps to form water vapor which turns to liquid form and make clouds.

Examples of evaporation includes:

  • Drying of wet hair.
  • Cooling of hot water.
  • Drying of moped floor.
  • Cooling of water in Earthen pot.

Evaporation of water can happen due to warmer temperatures causes formation of low, thick clouds and helps in Earth’s cooling.

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Thus, option D is correct.

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