Which of the following did President Andrew Jackson support?

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Which of the following did President Andrew Jackson support?

a. restricting voting rights
b. expanding voting rights
c. keeping candidates secret
d. starting a new national bank



The correct answer is B. President Andrew Jackson supported expanding voting rights.


The name of Jackson has been linked to the type of government he exercised, which is known as Jacksonian democracy.

Jacksonian democracy is defined as the kind of democracy that represents the interests of the common people instead of the interests of a specific electorate, as was the case until then when only white landowners could vote. Even so, although the vote now included more people, it was restricted only to white men.

The presidency of Jackson followed the model of the presidency of Thomas Jefferson and advocated the values ​​of the revolutionary generation. The Jackson presidency was also highlighted by the tone of high moral and coming from an agrarian society, Jackson’s sympathies were with the farmers and the restriction of state and federal government. Jackson feared that the interests of bankers and businesses would corrupt the values ​​of the republic.

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