The constraints of a problem are listed below. What are the vertices of the feasible region?

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The constraints of a problem are listed below. What are the vertices of the feasible region?

1. (-3/2, 5/2), (9/4, 0), (6,0)
2. (0,0),(0, 3/2),(9/4, 0)
3. (0,0),(0,2),(6,0)
4. (0, 3/2), (0,2), (6,0), (9/4, 0)


Answer: option 1.


feasible region is that region which is formed by the lines of constraints.

feasible region is shaded in the attached graph

inequalities becomes equalities to draw the graph

and lines will head towards the origin if constraint satisfied by putting x= 0, y=0

and on the contrary lines will move away from origin when condition of constraint does not satisfied.

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