Which statement explains the role of rovers in space exploration?

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Which statement explains the role of rovers in space exploration?

run tests on soil and rock samples
orbit Earth, observing distant galaxies
carry astronauts and equipment into space
launch from Earth, carrying astronauts that perform research


The study of stars is called Astrology.

A rover is a machine that lands on the other planets to study it over. Rover (or sometimes planetary rover) is a space exploration vehicle designed to move across the surface of a planet or other celestial body.

The other uses of the rover are as follows:-

  • Some rovers have been designed to transport members of a human spaceflight crew; others have been partially or fully autonomous robots.
  • Rovers usually arrive at the planetary surface on a lander-style spacecraft.
  • They can collect dust, rocks, and even take pictures. They are very useful for exploring the universe.

Rovers are created to land on another planet, besides Earth, to find out information and to take samples.

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Hence, the Uses of the rover is explained mentioned above

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