The guidewords for the word “feign” are ______.

Some recent academics question and answer asked over students to tell what they feel is the main important concern for a student to do in order to accomplish success. Of many results, one that that stood out was practice. Successful people ordinarily are not born successful; they become successful from hard work and commitment. If you tend to reach your goals, keep this in mind! Below some question and answer examples that you may possibly utilise to develop your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to preserve your school studies.


The guidewords for the word “feign” are ______.

a. Fairy and farce
b. February and feline
c. Felt and free
d. Freight and friction


In order to answer this question, first you will have to know what a guideword is. Guiderwords are words in the dictionary that you see at the top of a page in a dictionary, which mark the first word on that page, and on the bottom you will see the last word. Having that in mind, the word ‘feign’ would be found on the same page as B. February and feline, and thus those are its guidewords.

They could possibly hopefully guide the student take care of the question by implementing the questions and answer examples. You might possibly then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the question with one another.

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