Which of the following is true about patient-centered care?

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Which of the following is true about patient-centered care?

O Empowers the patient
O The plan should only address a patient’s medical needs
O A partnership between doctors and nurses
O Healthcare providers advocate for the facility


The statement “empowers the patient” is true about patient-centered care.

A patient-centered care is when a patient is made aware of and allowed to be involved with their own medical treatment. This means that the patients are included in making decisions about what treatments must be and can be done.

  • The term “patient-centered care” can be easily understood. It means that the patient is the center of any of the decisions to be taken.
  • Such type of care makes the patient a priority and included in making any decisions.
  • This allows the patient more freedom and an insight into the way he/she is treated.
  • This, in short, means giving more power to the patient, empowering the patient.

When any medical facility allows for patient-centered care, it means that the patients are made part of the decision-making group. Moreover, it empowers the patient, making it a much more comfortable environment for both the patient and the doctors. Thus, the correct answer is the first option.

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