Which statement describes a result of xenophobia in the 1920s?

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Which statement describes a result of xenophobia in the 1920s?

A. It led to many arrests.
B. It led to increased immigration.
C. It was widely criticized.
D. It led to the creation of a nativist political party.


Phobias are defined as the feeling of danger, scare, or dislike of a thing, substance, or any activity. Xenophobia, aerophobia, and aviophobia are some of the examples of phobia.

The xenophobia in the 1920s resulted in many arrests.

Xenophobia refers to the fear or hatred towards foreign people or strangers. In the year the 1920s, the immigrants from Italy traveled to America. It resulted in racism, discrimination, and many arrests of the citizens.

Thus, xenophobia led to many arrests in the 1920s.

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