Which narrator is most clearly omniscient?

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Which narrator is most clearly omniscient?

O A. Vicente learned that opening a candy shop would be no easy task,but that wouldn’t stop him.oB. “Has the jury reached a verdict?” the judge asked, so I knew thetime for me to speak had come.O C. People like to pass judgment, Gabriel thought, but he wouldn’t letthat dampen his spirits.D. Everyone on the train had something to hide. The engineer knew it.The passengers knew it.​


The narrator of the sentence “Everyone on the train had something to hide. The engineer knew it. The passengers knew it.​” is most clearly omniscient.

Who is an omniscient narrator?

An omniscient narrator is one who is aware of everything that is unfolding throughout the course of the story.

The narrator of the abovementioned sentence had an insight of the inner feelings and thoughts of the characters such as the passengers and the engineer, too.

He was well aware of everything that everyone was hiding and at the same time the characters also knew that they all were hiding something.

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