What types of ecosystems are near your community?

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What types of ecosystems are near your community?


An ecosystem is a community that coexists with its physical environment. The major types of ecosystems are natural, artificial, lentic and lotic ecosystems.

  • A community is a group of plants, animals, and other organisms living together in a geographic area.
  • A natural ecosystem (also known as biome) consists of a community and abiotic factors (e.g., water, light, radiation, temperature, humidity) present in a geographic area. Natural ecosystems include, for example, forests, lakes and deserts.
  • Artificial ecosystems are nonnatural systems made by humans for commercial and/or other benefits (e.g., gardens, parks, dams, etc)
  • The lotic ecosystems are natural systems composed of flowing waters (e.g., streams, runs, rivers, springs, etc)
  • The lentic ecosystems have still waters (.e.g., basin marshes, ditches, ponds, lakes, etc).

In conclusion, the major types of ecosystems include natural, artificial, lentic and lotic ecosystems.

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