Which shows the pre-image od quadrilateral w’x’y’z’ before the figure was rotated according to the rule (x,y) -> (-x,-y)?

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Consider the following system with the solution (1,3)

Equation 1 of the system : 2x+y=5
Equation 2 of the system: x -2y =-5
Prove that replacing the first equation with the sum of that equation and a multiple of the other produces a system with the same solution
Posible answers : used multiplication property of equality to write a new equation
Used addition property of equality to write a new equation added equations 1 and 3


When a shape is rotated, it must be rotated through a center of rotation.

See attachment for the pre-image of W’X’Y’Z

From the attached graph, we have:

The rotation rule is given as:

When the rotation is reversed, the coordinates of the pre-image WXYZ are as follows:

The options are not given. So, I’ve added an attachment that illustrates the pre-image WXYZ

Read more about rotations at:

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