PYTHON 7.1.6: Sandwich Sandwiches (codehs)

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PYTHON 7.1.6: Sandwich Sandwiches (codehs)

In this exercise, write a function called sandwich which takes a 3 letter string. Your function should return the letters that are at the beginning and end of the string.
For example,
# => “pj”
# => “bt”


Following are the Python program to calculate the string value:

Program Explanation:

  • Defining a method “sandwich” that takes string variable “x” in parameter.
  • Inside the method, a return keyword is used that removes the middle string value.
  • Outside the method, a print method is used that calls the “sandwich” method which accepts a string value in it and prints its return value.


def sandwich(x):#defining a method sandwich that takes string variable x in parameter

return x[0]+ x[-1]#using return keyword that remove middle string value

print(sandwich(“pbj”))#calling method and print its return value

print(sandwich(“blt”))#calling method and print its return value


Please find the attached file.

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