Which Gothic cathedral is your favorite? Why?

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Which Gothic cathedral is your favorite? Why?


Mu favorite Gothic cathedral is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

  • The Notre Dame Cathedral is located in beautiful Paris, France.
  • I like it very much because I consider it is a jewel of Medieval architecture.
  • It is considered to be a classical symbol of Gothic architecture in France and Europe.
  • It was built from 1163 to 1345.
  • It is one of the hallmarks of Paris.
  • This cathedral is full of architectural expressions.
  • Its Gothic style reflects complex forms of this artistic style.
  • It includes flying buttress, gargoyles, spires at the top of the towers, and tracery in the inside of the building.

We conclude that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, is one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages, and a beautiful attraction visited by millions of tourists every year.

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