Which best describes Timbuktu under the Mali empire

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Which best describes Timbuktu under the Mali empire


Timbuktu was known to be the capital of learning and trade under the Mali empire.

Further Explanation:-

Timbuktu is an ancient city that was part of eight administrative regions of Mali with a population of 54000 according to a census conducted in the year 2009. This city started as a seasonal settlement but soon became a permanent settler by the start of the 12th Century. Once Timbuktu got a shift in its trading routes, This city flourished in an ample amount of Gold and Salt and it was 14th century when Timbuktu became part of the Mali empire.  

Timbuktu was a center of trade during medieval times and here, caravans used to meet for an exchange of salt from the Sahara Desert in exchange for gold from the Sahel and they used to reach Timbuktu via Niger River which was nearby. In the 16th century, there was the establishment of Islamic University and that attracted many scholars which were all over from the Muslim world. Most of the wealth was because of the southern terminus of Trans-Saharan routes. There was a rapid increase in the population of Timbuktu from the 12th to 14th century and it was because of Tuareg’s and Songhai’s who were seeking a trade.  

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Grade – High School

Subject – History

Chapter – Timbuktu under the Mali Empire

Keywords –Timbuktu, Mali empire, Trade, Gold, Salt, Islamic University, Flourished, Routes, Slaves, Niger River, Sahara Desert.  

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