Iodine would have chemical properties most like –

A later education question and answer requested students to assert what they assume is the most important aspect for a student to do to be able to hit success. Out of the many answers, the one which that stood out was practice. Successful persons are generally not born successful; they become successful from hard work and persistence. This is how you can complete your goals. followed below some question and answer examples that you could definitely implement to supercharge your knowledge and gain insight that will guide you to continue your school studies.


Iodine would have chemical properties most like –



Iodine would have chemical properties most like H. chlorine.
They would have similar chemical properties because they belong to the same group in the periodic system of elements, unlike manganese, tellurium, and xenon. To see which group these belong to, just look at the periodic system vertically. 

They could possibly hopefully guide the student answer the question by working with the questions and answer examples. You could definitely then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the question alogside each other.

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