A food establishment has a history of cockroaches infestations.

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A food establishment has a history of cockroaches infestations.

What sign of cockroach infestation might food worker’s notice?
A. Dirt on the floor
B. A strong, oily floor
C. Rusty floor drain covers
D. Spoiled food in the refrigerator


Answer: D. Spoiled food in the refrigerator


Cockroaches are attracted to food, moisture, shelter, and warmness. They are attracted to the moisture like leaky pipe underneath the bathroom sink, wet bathmat lying on the floor. Mainly the cockroaches are attracted to the food that has been left at places like kitchen counter, dirty dishes, crumbs of food laying on the floor. These insects lay their eggs at the location where they found appreciable amount of food which can support their lives.  

Thus the spoiled food in the refrigerator is the source of growth and infestation of the cockroaches.

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