Why did many Americans fear Communism?

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Why did many Americans fear Communism?

O A. They believed that Communists wanted to take over America.
O B. They thought that Communists would start another world war.
C. They were afraid that Communists would take over all the jobs.
O D. They were afraid that Communists would buy up American farms.



The Americans feared Communism because they believed that the “Communists wanted to take over America”.


  • After the Russian Revolution, there took place organized strikes like the “Seattle General Strike” and the “Boston Police Strike” in the United States.
  • These strikes were feared by the government to have been carried out under the influence of the Communist ideology of the dominance of organized labor.
  • The Americans feared that the Communists would take over America as they took over Russia. This fear of Americans was named as Red Scare.

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