Which phrase would add VERBAL IRONY to the paragraph?

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Which phrase would add VERBAL IRONY to the paragraph?


The question is incomplete. Here is the complete question.

Read the paragraph.

Jamile is recording secretary of our school’s student council. His primary job is to take notes at each meeting and present a brief summary at the next one. BUt Jamile’s summaries include almost every comment from every council member. Dina has told him the only problem with his presentations is that they _________________

Which phrase would add VERBAL IRONY to the paragraph?

run longer than the meetings.

take too much time to read

include minor details

aren’t sufficiently brief.

Answer: Run longer than the meetings.

Explanation: Verbal Irony occurs when a speaker or writer speaks a statement with the intention of contradicting its literal meaning. In other words, it happens when the character speaks contraditory of what he initially intended to say. It is common in everyday speeches, plays, novels, poetry and is usually used as sarcasm. When properly used, authors can transmit their thoughts in a less bitter and more effective way.

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Therefore for the phrase, the sentence that best support the meaning of Verbal Irony is: “run longer than the meetings”, which also indicates the sarcasm of the situation, minimizing the bitterness of the comment.

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