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Question 19 of 20

Which sentence is most objective?
O A. Linebackers often whine about injuries on the job.
O B. Filmmakers should stop relying on special effects.
OC. The politicians will announce their “plan’ tomorrow.
OD. Most jobs in teaching requirea teaching certificate.


The sentence that is most objective is option D “most jobs in teaching require a teaching certificate.”

An objective sentence is one that does not include any personal opinion or feelings. This means that the sentence must contain only factual information devoid of any opinion(s).

  • Among the given sentences, the most objective sentence is option D.
  • This sentence states how a teaching post requires a teaching certificate, which is a factual truth rather than an opinion.
  • The other three sentences all have personal feelings or opinions of the speaker.

Thus, the correct answer among the given options is option D.

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