In passage 1, what can be understood from Lou’s argument at the bottom of page 3?

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In passage 1, what can be understood from Lou’s argument at the bottom of page 3?


Lou’s contention at the lower part of page 3 shows that:  

Lou needed to stay away from the difficult work that would be needed in developing the land. That was the reason he proposed that it ought to be sold as their neighbors were doing.  

  • His contention, not withstanding, was dismissed absolutely by Alexandra who comprehended that in quietly developing the land and by dint of difficult work, valid and fulfilling benefits would be amassed.  
  • Willa Cather stated “O Pioneers!” in 1913 to praise the strength and never-ending nature of the land and the monstrous and dangerous nature of envy.
  • Therefore, O Pioneers! chronicled the lives and encounters of the Bergsons who moved from Sweden to Nebraska, US.
  • Right away, their dad gained a huge package of land for cultivating and began developing it to support the group of Alexandra, Oscar, Lou, Emily, and their mom.
  • At the point when he passed on, Alexandra adroitly transformed the development of the land into a worthwhile business that maintained and enhanced the family from there on.
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