What decimal is less than 0.8 is it 0.9, 0.79, 0.81, or 0.85

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What decimal is less than 0.8 is it 0.9, 0.79, 0.81, or 0.85


The only decimal value which less than 0.8 is 0.79

Given the values :

0.9, 0.79, 0.81, or 0.85

To obtain the decimal less than 0.8, we compare each value to 0.8

0.9 is greater than 0.8 (0.9 > 0.8)

0.79 is less than 0.8 (0.79 < 0.8)

0.81 is greater than 0.8 (0.81 > 0.8)

0.85 is greater than 0.8 (0.85 > 0.8)

Of all the decimal values given ; only 0.79 is less than 0.8.

Hence, we can conclude that the only value less than 0.8 from the options given is 0.79

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