Write A real world problem that can be solved by the equation y + 8 = 20.Then solve your problem.

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Write A real world problem that can be solved by the equation y + 8 = 20.Then solve your problem.


If a real world problem assumption of having pen to Kelly and Allen then  Kelly have 8 pens and Allen purchase 12 pens.

Linear Equation:

A linear equation is an algebraic equation that have some constants and some variables formed in degree one of variable form.

Kelly and Allen purchasing some pens together and if Allen purchase some pen but Kelly purchase 8 more than Allen. Also the total purchasing is 20 then we have to find number of pens for each one.

According to the condition we have linear equation

How to find solution of linear equation in one variable?

Number of pens purchased by Allen +  Number of pens purchased by Kelly = 20

y + 8 = 20

Subtract 8 from both the sides we have

y = 12

Therefore Allen purchase 12 and Kelly purchase 8 pens.

Learn more about Linear Equation here-

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