Which is a correct interpretation of this cladogram?

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Which is a correct interpretation of this cladogram?

Common Ancestor Chart
Unicellular—Multicellular—Segmented Body—Jaws—Limbs—Hair—Placental
A) Sponges are unicellular organisms
B) Kangaroos have no hair.
C) Lizards evolved after sponges.
D) Salmon are the only organism with jaws.
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The statement ‘Lizards evolved after Sponges‘ is a correct interpretation of a cladogram (Option C).

What is a cladogram?

A cladogram is a diagram used to represent the evolutionary relationships between groups of organisms.

  • Lizards are reptiles, which are animals that descended (evolved) from sponges.
  • In a cladogram, the nodes represent the common ancestor for a given taxonomic group.

In conclusion, the statement ‘Lizards evolved after Sponges’ is a correct interpretation of a cladogram (Option C).

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