Which is a short-term effect of m o l e s t a t i o n?

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Which is a short-term effect of m o l e s t a t i o n?

– low self-image- discomfort with intimacy- regressive behaviors- self-destructive behaviors


A short-term effect of m_olestation – regressive behaviors

M_olestation is the term that referred to harm or abuse physically or sexually. If it is caused or harm to person below 14 years is considered as child m o lestation. M o lestation is serious and punishable crime.

  • It can cause life time effect on the person or his/her life.
  • It can be long term effect or short term effects.
  • Long term effects can be:
  1. low self-image – one can feel disgraced or nasty about their self which leads to low self-image
  2. discomfort with intimacy – victims can feel discomfort with touch or even presence.
  3. self-destructive behaviors -victims can harm their selves.
  • Regressive behavior – it is normally short-term effect, in which they show regression towards everything.

Thus, A short-term effect of m_olestationregressive behaviors

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