The development of organs and tissues from a zygote includes?

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The development of organs and tissues from a zygote includes?

(1) mitosis and differentiation
(2) mitosis and gamete production
(3) meiosis and gamete production
(4) meiosis and fertilization


Organs and tissues are different levels of organizations of the body that are made up of basic units called cells. Cells together form tissues and different tissues combine to form an organ.

The process in the zygote involved are mitosis and differentiation.

What is cell division processes?

  • The process of cell division in which one cell divides to produce two alike cells with the same ploidy and chromosome number is called mitosis.
  • The hereditary material along with the cytoplasm is divided in such a way that it gets equally distributed in its progeny cells.
  • The divided cells undergo phenotypical and functional modification for more specific and specialized functions during cell differentiation.

Therefore, organs and tissues are formed by option (1) mitosis and cell differentiation.

Learn more about cell differentiation and mitosis here:

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