You are preparing to drive a pick-up truck. The Florida seat belt law requires you to properly

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You are preparing to drive a pick-up truck. The Florida seat belt law requires you to properly

fasten your seat belt
Unless the truck was built before 1972 and does not have seat belts.
Unless you are registered as self-insured with the Bureau of Motorist Compliance.
Unless the truck was built after 1995 and has passive crash protection.


Driving trucks built BEFORE 1972 WHICH AREN’T EQUIPPED with seat belts is an EXEMPTION of the FLORIDA seat belt law.

Laws are often made in other to establish guidelines and routines for undertaking certain processes or activities ; Use of safety belts is an established law and its violation is an offense. However, the seat belt law in Florida has the following exemptions as regards Trucks and passenger cars based on their BUILD YEAR :

• Trucks built before 1972

• Passenger cars manufactured before 1968

Therefore, because Trucks and passenger vehicles built before this period have no safety belts, they are exempted from being covered by the seatbelt law.

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