What x-value makes the set of ratios equivalent? 2 : 3 = 6 : x 4 : 7 = x : 42 2x : 48 = 3 : 12 12 : 15 = x : 20

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What x-value makes the set of ratios equivalent? 2 : 3 = 6 : x 4 : 7 = x : 42 2x : 48 = 3 : 12 12 : 15 = x : 20


A ratio can be defined as a comparison of two or more numbers that shows their sizes in relation to each other. The ratio is in the form , where .

When two ratios are set equal to each other, the equation is called proportion.

The solutions to the given ratios are:


Solution of the aforesaid will be obtained through forming quadratic equations:





The value of x in all the cases is 9,24,6,16 respectively.

Learn more about Ratios here:

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