Which table of values will generate this graph?

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Which table of values will generate this graph?

Table A:
x: -3, -1, 1
y: -2, 0, 2
Table B:
x: -3, 0, 1
y: -2, -1, 2
Table C:
x: -2, 0, 2
y: -3, -1, 1
Table D:
x: -2, -1, 2
y: -3, 0, 1



Table A

Step-by-step explanation:

Table A, give the value of x and y as;

x = -3, when y = -2. (-3, -2)

x = -1 , when y= 0 (-1, 0) and

x = 1 , when y = 2 (1, 2)

The x and y represent a two dimension number line, with x and y meeting at the origin (x= 0, y= 0). x is the horizontal plane and y is the vertical.

So every value of x traces to the corresponding value of y as shown in the table.

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