On a piece of paper, graph y < 3/4 x+2 Then determine which answer matches the graph drew.

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On a piece of paper, graph y < 3/4 x+2 Then determine which answer matches the graph drew.


Step-by-step explanation:

Given inequality is .

To graph that inequality, first we need to graph the line . Then shade it for the inequality symbol <.

Graphing line can be done using two points.

plug x=0 into , we get:

Hence first point is (0,2)

Similarly plug any random number for x say x=4, we get:

Hence first point is (4,5).

Now we just need to graph both points and join them by a dotted line. because we have < not <=.

Next part is to test for shading.

Which can be done using any test point which is not on the given line. Say (0,0)

plug x=0,y=0 into .


which is true, hence shading will be in direction of test point (0,0).

Hence final answer will be the choice which looks like the graph attached below;

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