Rank order the vendors, keeping amazon’s goals in mind.

Students were asked to answer a question at schools and to tell what is most important for them to succeed. Out of the many responses, one which that stood out was practice. Successful persons absolutely not born successful; they become successful by just hard work and perseverance. This is how you can achieve your goals. in this article, some question and answer examples that you could simply implement to upgrade your knowledge and gain insight that will guide you to maintain your school studies.


Rank order the vendors, keeping amazon’s goals in mind.


There are different reasons for ranking. The Rank order of the vendors that best meet Amazon’s goals are;

Vendor E – 1st

Vendor  R – 2nd

Vendor  K – 3rd

Vendor F – 4th

Why Vendor E ranking first?

Vendor E is first because it has low cost issues, low quantity, high shipped on time and low cost to amazon. This is said to fit about 100% of parameters.

Vendor K is known to have low cost issues, moderate quantity shipped, high quantity shipped and high cost to amazon.

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From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they might possibly assist the student handle the question they had been looking for and take notice of all sorts of things stated in the answer above. Then can easily have some sharing in a group discussion and also learning with the classmate in reference to the topic, so another student also ought to have some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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